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1. Ottawa-Hull French Corpus

Approximately 3.5 million words of informal speech data collected from a representative sample of 120 native speakers of Ottawa-Hull French, stratified according to age, sex, and minority/majority status of French in their neighbourhood in the National Capital Region. In addition to a full complement of vernacular French structures, naturally occurring bilingual discourse is amply represented.

Audio recordings (283 tapes), transcriptions, word lists, concordances.

A new compendium of folk tales, legends, and personal interviews of 44 native francophones born between 1846 and 1895, selected from the Roy (1955) and Lacourcière (1971) collections, totalling 511,596 words. Five (administrative) regions of Québec (Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine [Gaspésie, Baie des Chaleurs], Capitale-Nationale [Québec, Charlevoix, Malbaie], Chaudière-Appalaches [Beauce], Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Côte-Nord) are represented, some of which are known to have furnished input settlers to the francophone community of Ottawa-Hull. These materials, recorded between 1942 and 1955, have been standardized and rendered machine readable.

Audio recordings (approximately 90 hours), transcriptions, concordances.

3. Ottawa-Hull Spoken Language Archives

Sociolinguistic interviews with 563 residents of the Ottawa-Hull region of various ages and socioeconomic, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds, collected for research and teaching purposes since 1982.

Audio recordings (856 tapes).

4. Nova Scotian Vernacular English

Sociolinguistic interviews with 21 speakers of Nova Scotian Vernacular English born between 1897 and 1979, made for purposes of comparison with African Nova Scotian English.

Audio recordings (22 hours), transcriptions.

5. Corpus of Spoken Quebec English

Sociolinguistic interviews with 68 Anglophones native to the Quebec City area and 96 from the Montreal region (35 of Anglo/Scots/Irish ethnicity, 41 of Jewish ethnicity, 20 of Italian ethnicity) of various socioeconomic backgrounds, divided according to time of acquisition of English (pre or post-Bill 101)

Audio recordings (340 minidisks), transcriptions, concordances.

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